How to Perform Xbox Controller Button Test on Windows?

Xbox Wireless controllers are one of the best gamepads you can buy for your console, PC, or mobile devices. These gamepads are durable and can serve with no issues for many years. Still, sometimes these controllers break or misbehave, especially after heated fights in games or rage-quits. If you suspect there is something wrong with your controller, here is how to test Xbox gamepad on Windows.

How to Test Xbox Controller on Windows?

This part of the article applies to all relatively modern Windows versions, including Windows 7 and Windows 8. Just keep in mind that you can connect Xbox controllers to Windows 7 and 8 using only a USB cable.

  1. Connect your Xbox controller to Windows using Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless, or a USB cable.
  2. If you use Windows 10, press Win + R and type Control to launch the Control Panel. Go to the Hardware and Sound > Device and Printers section. test xbox controller buttons
  3. If you use Windows 11, press Win + I and go to Bluetooth & Devices > Devices > More devices and printer settings. xbox controller button test
  4. Find your Xbox controller in the list of available devices. Right-click the gamepad and select Game Controller Settings. xbox one controller button test
  5. Select your controller from the list of installed gamepads (ensure its status is OK) and click Properties. xbox controller button test on windows
  6. Windows will open a new window where you can test the Xbox controller and make sure all sticks, triggers, bumpers, and buttons work correctly. test xbox controller buttons on windows

How to Use Xbox Controller Test on Windows 10 and 11?

The method to test Xbox controllers in Windows we described above is somewhat old and universal, which means you can use it to test any compatible gamepad. On Windows 10 and 11, though, you can use a dedicated app to test Xbox controllers. It is the same app you can use to remap Xbox controller buttons.

  1. Download the Xbox accessories app from the Microsoft Store and launch it.
  2. Connect your Xbox controller to a PC. Note that you can connect multiple Xbox controllers to a Windows computer.
  3. Select your controller and press the button with a flask icon. xbox one controller button test windows
  4. Test Xbox controller buttons and triggers by simply pressing them in any order. The Xbox accessories app should display the buttons and sticks you use. test xbox controller buttons on windows pc

Note. You cannot use the Xbox accessories app to test Xbox gamepad stick drift. If you suspect one of the sticks is misbehaving on your controller, use the first part of this article. The classic gamepad properties UI lets you see how analog controls work and detect any possible drift.

That is how you use the Xbox controller test in Windows.

Cyril Kardashevsky

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