How to Fix Wi-Fi Weak Security iPhone Error?

Upon connecting to a Wi-Fi network, your iPhone or iPad may show you a somewhat disturbing error message: “Wi-Fi Weak Security.” That is not something you can ignore. Poor security in your home or other networks potentially exposes you to attackers and bad actors who can steal your sensitive data or infect devices within the network.

In most cases, the “Weak Security” message means the network uses an outdated encryption protocol, such as WEP or WPA. Old protocols are less secure, and they are easier to crack. You do not want to connect to a Wi-Fi network that uses old encryption protocols, not to mention use such a network for banking or sending sensitive data.

What to Do if iPhone Wi-Fi Says Weak Security?

If the “Wi-Fi Weak Security” error pops on your iPhone’s screen when you are not at home, the best thing you can do is disconnect from the network right away (if possible, of course). Also, you can forget the network to ensure your Apple devices cannot connect to it automatically.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap a button with the “i” letter next to the network that shows the “Weak Security” message.
  3. Tap Forget this network. iphone weak security wifi

Now let us show how to fix the weak security Wi-Fi error on iPhone in your home network.

Fix for Weak Security Wi-Fi on iPhone

Here are a few simple things you may try to fix Wi-Fi weak security on iPhone:

  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Restart your router.
  • Forget your network and connect to it again.

If those steps did not help, try updating firmware in your router. It is possible that a bug in the firmware is causing your iPhone to panic and warn about security issues. TP-Link once fixed this problem in their routers with a simple firmware update.

Important. Call your ISP and ask for help if you do not know how to update your router.

If the firmware in your router is up to date, it is time to check your Wi-Fi settings. What you need to find is the encryption protocol in use. It is the main reason why your iPhone shows the Wi-Fi Weak Security error.

Note. We cannot provide a guide on how to change network encryption protocol for every router out there. Refer to the user manual that comes with your router or contact your ISP. We will show an example for a reference. It will provide you with a general idea of what to look for when fixing the “Weak Security” error on the iPhone.

  1. Log in to your router’s control panel using a computer, iPad, iPhone, or any other compatible device.
  2. Find Wi-Fi or “Wireless” settings.
  3. Look for “Security” and “Encryption” settings. You need WPA2-Personal with AES encryption. weak wifi security iphone
  4. Save the settings and restart your router.
  5. Check whether your iPhone still shows the Wi-Fi Weak Security message.

If the message still appears, we recommend checking out Wi-Fi security guidelines from Apple. Fortunately, in 99% of cases, changing encryption protocol fixes the Weak Security message on iPhones.

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