How to Fix Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on iPhone?

iPhone and iPad users (this can also happen on Macs and iPods) may notice a weird Wi-Fi-related warning in the Settings app. Some users report facing the “Privacy Warning” message when opening Wi-Fi settings on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. What is the Wi-Fi Privacy Warning iPhone error? How to fix privacy warnings on iPhones? This article will show you some helpful tips to solve the problem.

What is Privacy Warning Wi-Fi on iPhone?

iOS is a privacy-focused operating system with many tools to help you retain as much privacy as possible. It can detect and notify you about security-related issues with networks. The “Wi-Fi Privacy Warning” on iPhone occurs when the affected Wi-Fi network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic (or your iPhone thinks it does) or when you disable the “Private Wi-Fi address” feature.

wifi privacy warning

It is worth mentioning that the Wi-Fi Privacy warning message does not mean you cannot use the Wi-Fi network. You can continue using it with no immediate harm to the device, but we do not recommend ignoring the message. The best thing you can do is investigate the issue and check whether you have a Wi-Fi problem or you are dealing with a simple bug.

Often iPhone flags network incorrectly, which causes users with secured and properly maintained networks to think there is something wrong with their routers or networks. On the other hand, your router may be misconfigured or has issues with your ISP.

To recap, here are the three leading causes of the privacy warning Wi-Fi message in iPhones:

  1. Misconfigured Wi-Fi router.
  2. Issues on the Internet service provider side.
  3. A bug in iOS.

Fix Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on iPhone

Here is what you need to fix the “Privacy Warning Wi-Fi” message on your iPhone. Note that the following steps will not help if the problem lies within your router or traces back to your ISP.

  1. Go to the Settings app and turn off Wi-Fi. It is essential to disable Wi-Fi specifically from the Setting app because the control center simply disconnects your iPhone from the current network.
  2. Restart your iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to your network. If the problem reappears, continue with the following steps.
  3. Open the Settings app and go to Wi-Fi.
  4. Tap the “I” button next to your Wi-Fi network that shows the Privacy Warning Wi-Fi message.
  5. Tap Forget this network. privacy warning wifi
  6. Go back to the list of available networks and connect to your Wi-Fi again. Enter the password, then tap Join.
  7. The Wi-Fi Privacy Warning message should disappear.

In most cases, forgetting a network and reconnecting to it helps fix the Wi-Fi Privacy Warning message on iPhone. That is a bug that quite often annoys iPhone users. You can also grab another Apple device, connect it to the affected Wi-Fi and check the network status in the settings. Ignore the bug if other devices do not report the Privacy Warning Wi-Fi message.

Reset iPhone Network Settings to Fix Privacy Warning Wi-Fi Error

Another thing worth trying to fix the Wi-Fi Privacy Warning message on iPhones or iPads is network settings reset:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to the General section.
  2. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. privacy warning wifi iphone
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Select Reset Network Settings, enter your password, and confirm the action. iphone wifi privacy warning
  5. Your iPhone will restart to reset network settings. Note that the device will be offline for a minute or two (older iPhones or iPads might take longer to reset network settings).

Once your iPhone turns on, connect to your Wi-Fi network and check the Settings app for the Privacy Warning message.

It is also worth mentioning that the problem can reappear in a day or two. You can safely ignore the message if there is nothing wrong with your router or ISP. Your iPhone can continue using your Wi-Fi network without problems. If you see the Wi-Fi Privacy Warning message when connected to an unknown network, we recommend using a VPN or not using that network at all. You can ignore the Privacy Warning message only if you trust your home network.

If the steps above did not help you to fix the Privacy Warning Wi-Fi on iPhone error, try updating firmware in your router. Also, you can check its settings and make sure the router has all the parameters that match Apple’s network guidelines. Finally, call your ISP and ask for help. If nothing works, simply ignore this problem.

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