How to Uninstall Apps on Mac?

First-time macOS users often find it difficult to completely uninstall programs. On a MacBook, Mac Mini, or iMac, there are several ways to completely remove applications. If you choose the wrong method or don’t complete the procedure completely, cached data or some files will remain in the device’s memory. This will clog the memory, which will deplete the free space on your computer or laptop. This instruction to completely uninstall an application on Mac will help you get rid of applications once and for all in the most convenient way.

Uninstall application on Mac can be done in three ways:

  • Through the Finder system application;
  • Through the Launchpad system application;
  • Using third-party memory cleanup software on your Mac.

We’ll look at all three methods, so you can choose the best one.

Using the Finder to Uninstall Apps on a Mac

The first way to uninstall programs on the Mac is to use the Finder system app. This allows you to immediately remove cached data and other leftover garbage after uninstalling.

  1. Go to the Finder on your Mac.
  2. In the left menu, select the “Applications” section, and then you’ll see icons of installed programs on your computer.
    uninstall apps on mac
  3. Find the application you need to uninstall.
  4. Click on the icon of the application to remove and drag it to the trash (by standard, the trash can is located on the right side of the bottom menu).
  5. Release the click button after hovering over the application icon in the trash.

This method allows you to clear the disk storage of all hidden and main program files. Don’t worry about deleting a system application. If you happen to do so, a warning will appear on the screen that will prevent you from doing so.

Using the Launchpad to Uninstall Apps on a Mac

You can also uninstall apps on Mac using Launchpad.

  1. Open this system app (by default, it is located in the lower-left corner near the Siri and Finder icons). You will see icons of all the systems and user apps installed on your computer.
  2. Left-click with your mouse or trackpad on the icon of the application you want to uninstall. Hold down the button for about 5 seconds. After that, you will see the icons start to move. A cross appears in the upper-left corner of some icons. It shows which applications can be uninstalled.
  3. Click on this cross if you want to erase the data completely.
    how to uninstall apps on mac

With this method, you can uninstall any other previously installed programs (like Avast, Flash Player, etc.).

Using Third-Party Applications

For deeper removal of programs on the Mac, it is recommended to use special applications. In macOS, you can’t manually delete cached app data and clear memory. Because of this, over time, the amount of garbage can accumulate on your device, which will slow it down. The most comprehensive way to remove leftover files and cached data after deletion is to use the Clean My Mac app. You can also use it to make backups, look for viruses and other threats on your computer. But keep in mind that all the functionality is only available in the licensed version.

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