How to Send Text Messages From Outlook?

In the past, sending text messages from Outlook was an easier task. The SMS sending option has been integrated by Microsoft directly into Outlook. This tool was called Outlook Mobile Service, but has been removed since Outlook 2013.

Why You May Need to Use Outlook to Send SMS?

SMS is the easiest and most versatile way to send messages to friends, colleagues, clients, or family members. SMS is supported by any mobile phone including feature phones.

It is estimated that 9/10 of adults have their phone close at hand around the clock. Wi-Fi and mobile internet are often turned off. Therefore, SMS remains the most direct way to contact the subscriber.

You can send a text message to your phone if you know which operator your addressee is using.

How to Use Gateway to Send SMS from Outlook on PC or Android?

Open Outlook and click New message. In the β€œTo:” field, enter the address:

[10-digit_wireless_number] @gateway]

Each mobile operator has its own gateway. For example, the AT&T operator:

  • β€” for text messages;
  • β€” for MMS.

send text messages from outlook

Type in your message and note that the size of a text message is limited to 160 characters. Then click Send.

You can also use the Outlook mobile app to send a text message.

send sms from outlook

Note that virtual operators (MVNOs) do not have their own mobile networks. The devices are connected to the towers of other US operators. In some cases, it is necessary to enter the gateway of the operator Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and not the virtual service provider.

In order for a text message to be received by a subscriber, it is necessary for him to have a notification service activated.

Currently, you can also send text messages from Outlook through third party paid services. On the one hand, the task of sending text messages is no longer trivial. On the other hand, the functionality of these services is superior to what was available in the Outlook Mobile Service.

How to Send Text Messages from Outlook Using Third-party Services?

This article has taken you through the best software tools that allow you to send text messages from Outlook.


Wire2Air is an SMS gateway. The service allows you to send text messages to USA, Canada and over 800 mobile networks around the world. Allows you to forward email notifications to your phone.

If the message is more than 160 characters long, it will be split into several short messages. Wire2Air automatically detects your recipient’s mobile operator.

Supported programs: Outlook 2007/2010 and SharePoint 2010.

Install Wire2Air mobile application to use the service on Android phone.

send text from outlook

Red Oxygen

Red Oxygen offers several tools for sending text messages from Outlook 2003-2019, XP, and Office 365.

Access to Outlook contacts has been implemented. Select recipients from the Outlook contacts tab or from the shared address book.

You can use mailing lists to send text messages to one contact or hundreds of mailing lists.

This tool allows you to schedule message delivery. Queue messages and specify the time when they will need to be automatically delivered.

Text messages are delivered to users in most countries. App supports the world’s major languages, this is provided thanks to Unicode.

Various tariff plans are provided without a fixed contract. The service integrates with all current versions of Outlook. A trial version is offered to new users.


TXTImpact is a service used by businesses to send text messages from Outlook 2007/2010 and SharePoint 2010 to the phone.

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