How to Rotate Screen in Windows 10 and 11?

Windows is a flexible operating system capable of adapting to various device form factors and screen orientations. Although most users use the standard horizontal screen orientations, there are specific cases when you need to rotate screen in Windows 10 and 11. There are many ways to set a computer screen sideways, and this article will show you how to do that.

Windows Rotate Screen Shortcut

Windows had a dedicated set of shortcuts for flipping the display. Unfortunately, they no longer work, and you cannot use Windows rotate screen shortcuts. At least, in modern Windows versions with relatively modern hardware. Still, if you use an older Windows release or an older graphics driver, you can try the following key combinations to rotate the display in Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys.

How to Flip the Screen in Windows 10?

To rotate the screen in Windows 10, use the Settings app:

  1. Press Win + I to open the Settings app or right-click the Start menu and select Settings.
  2. Navigate to the System section and click Display. rotate screen in windows
  3. Find the Display Orientation drop-down list and select the option you need. Landscape is the default option (horizontal orientation); Portrait turns the display to the right; Portrait (flipped) flips the screen sideways to the left, and Landscape (flipped) turns it upside down. rotating display windows 10
  4. Because rotating the display might confuse and disorient an unprepared user, Windows has a failsafe system that will automatically undo the changes in a few seconds. To rotate the screen in Windows 10, click the Keep button.

That is how you flip the screen in Windows 10. Now let us show you how to do that in Windows 11.

How to Rotate the Screen in Windows 11?

The idea is the same, with the only difference in the user interface.

  1. Right-click the Start menu button and select Settings. You can also press Win + I or launch the Settings app using Search or the All Apps list in the Start menu.
  2. Go to System > Display. You can also take a screen rotate shortcut and get to the needed section faster —right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings. That system also works in Windows 10. rotate screen on windows 11
  3. Locate the Scale & Layout section and select the needed option from the Display Orientation drop-down.
  4. Click the Keep button to apply the changes.

Now you know how to rotate the screen in Windows 11.

How to Rotate Laptop Screen or Tablet Display in Windows?

You can flip the screen in a laptop or tablet using the method above or by physically turning your device sideways or upside down. That will work only with devices equipped with an accelerometer. Most Windows 10 and 11 tablets have the needed sensor, plus you can find such hardware in 2-in-1 laptops with touchscreens.

If you cannot rotate the screen in your laptop or tablet, ensure you have installed the correct chipset driver and disabled the screen rotation lock. You can find the toggle in the Action Center by pressing Win + A or navigating to the display settings.

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