How to Reset Logitech MX Keys Keyboard?

The Logitech MX Keys and the recently announced MX Mini are among our favorite premium keyboards. They are a perfect fit for those who need a solid, sturdy, and high-quality keyboard for coding, writing a lot of text, and other purposes (they are not that good for gaming, so look elsewhere if you need a gaming keyboard).

The Logitech MX Keys keyboard is a complicated piece of hardware and software. Like any other device, the keyboard can misbehave or suffer from an occasional bug. If your keyboard does not work as intended and you experience various issues, the Logitech MX Keys reset can help. After performing the Logitech MX Keys factory reset, you can also try updating the firmware. One of the most common issues with the MX Keys (and MX Mini) keyboards is the proximity sensor bug that causes a keyboard to light up the backlight constantly. MX Keys factory reset helped us to get rid of the issue.

Here is how to reset the Logitech MX Keys.

Note. This article applies to the original Logitech MX Keys, not the MX Keys Mechanical or its compact version. However, you can try the second half of the article to troubleshoot various issues or update the firmware.

Reset Logitech MX Keys keyboard

Try disconnecting the MX Keys keyboard from your computer before you proceed with resetting it. Unpairing and pairing the keyboard might help you fix bugs or other issues. If you use Bluetooth to connect MX Keys to your Mac or Windows PC, go to System Settings > Bluetooth and disconnect the keyboard from there. If you use the Unifying connector, do the following:

  1. Go to the official Logitech website and download the Logi Bolt app. The Bolt application should already be on your computer if you use the latest Logitech Options program.
  2. Install the Logitech Bolt app and run it.
  3. Windows will run the Logi Bolt app and show you a list of connected devices and their charge levels. Note that the app will prompt you to share diagnostic data upon the first launch. Feel free to reject the offer.
  4. Find your MX Keys keyboard in the list and click the X button next to it. The app will ask you whether you want to disconnect the keyboard from the Unifying app. reset mx keys
  5. Confirm the action.
    logitech mx keys reset
  6. Now return to the Logitech Options software and click Add Device, then follow on-screen instructions to connect the keyboard once again.
  7. If disconnecting and re-connecting your keyboard did not help you fix your issues with the Logitech MX Keys, keep reading this article to learn how to reset MX Keys.

To reset your Logitech MX Keys keyboard (you can also follow this instruction to reset MX Mini), do the following:

  1. Charge your Logitech MX Keys or MX Keys Mini keyboard to the full. Connect your keyboard to your computer or a power adapter using a USB-C cable, then wait for the LED indicator in the upper-right corner of the keyboard to stop blinking. The MX Keys charges slowly, so the process might take an hour or two.
  2. Locate the on/off switch on the backside of your keyboard next to the USB-C port. Toggle the switch off and back on. That will restart the keyboard. mx keys reset
  3. Press Esc + O two times, then press Esc + B. reset logitech mx keys
  4. Once you do that, all Easy-Switch indicators will start blinking swiftly. Tip: Easy-Switch indicators located above the Insert, Home, and Page Up keys. Those are the buttons you use to switch the keyboard between various devices. how to reset mx keys
  5. On the MX Mini, Easy-Switch indicators sit inside F1-F3 keys. They also work as F1-F3 keys when pressed with the Fn button. mx keys mini reset
  6. Now, wait a couple of minutes for the first channel (Easy-Switch button 1) to start blinking (the other two indicators should stop blinking). It might take up to five minutes but should not exceed that. reset mx keys mini
  7. Repeat Step 2 if the indicator for the first channel does not start flashing fast.
  8. Now you can connect your keyboard to a phone, tablet, computer, or other compatible device.

If the Logitech MX Keys factory reset did not help you fix problems, try the following:

  1. Install the Logitech Options app. It is available on Windows and macOS from the official website.
  2. Open Logitech Options and find your keyboard. mx keys factory reset
  3. Click the More button and go to the software Tab. reset mx keys keyboard
  4. Hit the Check for Update button. Install available updates. how to reset mx keys keyboard

Finally, after resetting the Logitech MX Keys keyboard, you can try updating its firmware to fix issues. To update the firmware in Logitech MX Keys, do the following:

  1. Go to the official Logitech Firmware Update Tool page.
  2. Click the Download Now button. logitech mx keys factory reset
  3. Open the file and follow on-screen instructions. Note that the update may take a few minutes, and your Logitech devices will not work during the process. factory reset mx keys

Another Way to Perform Logitech MX Keys Reset

Logitech has another app (called Options+) for managing connected devices, customizing them, updating firmware, and performing factory resets. You also need the newer app for using newer Logitech mice and keyboards, such as the MX Keys Mechanical, MX Mini Mechanical, MX Master 3S, M650, etc. Also, if your device uses the Logi Bolt connector, it will not work with the older Logitech Options app.

Tip. The MX Keys keyboard supports Logitech Options+ app. If you have other Logitech devices, check the compatibility table before using them with Options+.

  1. Download Logitech Options+ from the official website. The app works on Windows and macOS.
  2. Install the app, run it, and wait for it to detect your devices.
  3. Click your MX Keys keyboard on the home screen. reset logitech keyboard mx keys
  4. Click Settings. how to reset logitech mx keyboard
  5. To perform a Logitech MX Keys factory reset, scroll down and click Reset to Factory Settings. logitech mx keys reset pairing
  6. If you want to update the Logitech MX Keys firmware, click Check for Update. This button will launch the built-in firmware update tool and download available updates. Note that the Logitech Option+ app does not require installing other apps for updating the firmware. how to reset logitech mx keys

And that is how you perform the Logitech MX Keys factory reset and update the firmware in the Logitech MX Keys keyboard. It is also worth mentioning that this article applies to other Logitech devices, such as MX mice and keyboards (Master and Kraft Series).

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