What to Do if Playlists in Apple Music are Missing?

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services globally. There are many reasons for this. These include convenient playlist synchronization on all Apple devices, inexpensive student subscriptions, and an intuitive interface. Users from all over the world can download and listen to new and not only music in good quality.

However, some users encounter problems with the service. For example, you may find missing music on your iPhone or Apple Music not working. It can be very frustrating, so we have prepared for you several ways to solve the difficulties associated with the lack of access to your favorite songs and artists.

Apple Music Doesn’t Work?

You may lose access to Apple Music if your subscription runs out. However, you may not even be aware of this because the money is charged monthly. Therefore, we recommend that you check the subscription status of this popular music service first.

apple music playlists disappeared

It is very easy:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or other Apple device with the Apple Music app installed.
  2. Open the Apple ID settings.
  3. Go to the Subscriptions menu.
  4. Check for a valid subscription to the music service.

If the app does not have a valid subscription, the monthly payment has failed or blocked your card. Refill your card or change your payment method to re-pay your subscription in the appropriate menu. You can do this manually and avoid the problem of playlists disappearing from the iPhone as soon as possible.

Is the Apple Music Media Library Missing?

You may still have access to Apple Music, but you are seeing something from the iCloud music library missing. It may be due to a missing media library in the music service. This happens to users listening to a playlist from the same Apple ID but on different devices. For example, from iPhone, MacBook, and iPad simultaneously.

itunes playlist disappeared

Perhaps Media Library sync is not set on one or more devices. If this happens, any activity on that device will not be saved on other devices. If you add new playlists on a device without syncing, you won’t be able to listen to that music on the other devices in your single Apple ID account.

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Open the Music menu.
  3. Next, open the Media Library Sync menu and make sure it’s active on all Apple Music devices.

Also, double-check the time zone and region settings on your iOS device. If you change these key settings, the media library in Apple Music may also be missing. Restore the original settings and reboot the phone to try to restore the playlists.

Are the Dongs in Apple Music Gone, or is the Service Not Working Properly?

There are several other reasons why playlists or individual songs can disappear from Apple Music:

  • The artist has removed the song from the streaming service;
  • The song has been changed or moved to another music album;
  • The song has become unavailable due to restrictions.

If you notice individual songs are missing, try to find them again in the service’s search. They may have been changed or edited, and you can add them again.

Also, go to iOS Device Settings under Screen Time and remove any restrictions from the content. For example, in some cases, the service blocks songs due to profanity in them.

There are other ways to get lost songs or playlists back:

  • Check for free space on your iOS device;
  • Reboot your device;
  • Update your version of Apple Music;
  • Make sure that you have authorized your Apple ID;
  • Check your Internet connection.

It will help you regain access to your audio files in Apple Music.


Are playlists disappeared from iPhone? Most problems with missing music in Apple Music can be solved in a few clicks. It’s a reliable and years-proven service that works consistently on all devices. However, problems with displaying playlists and songs can be due to local bugs or incorrect settings on your iOS device. Fix it so you can get back to your favorite songs again!

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