How to Fix Nvidia Control Panel not Opening?

If your computer has an Nvidia graphics card, you probably know about the Nvidia Control Panel app. It is a software for managing your GPU’s settings, monitor parameters, and other graphics-card related things. Sometimes, Nvidia Control Panel refuses to open, leaving users puzzled and stranded. Note that Nvidia Control Panel is not the same as GeForce Experience. The latter also sometimes throws an unexpected error, such as GeForce Experience 0x0003. Fixing that error requires a similar, albeit different approach.

This article will show you what to do when Nvidia Control Panel is not opening. This annoying bug is relatively easy to fix with a few simple things.

Nvidia Control Panel will not open–what to do?

Any troubleshooting begins with restarting your operating system. Right-click the Start menu button and select Shut down > Restart. It is important for you to select the restart option to bypass the Fast Startup feature and ensure it is not messing with the Nvidia Control Panel app. Once your computer is back up and running, try launching Nvidia Control Panel. Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10 or 11 if it launches without issues. You can also open Task Manager and open the Startup tab. Find Nvidia Control Panel and turn it on.

If Nvidia Control Panel still not launches, try restarting one of its processes. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager (you can also use any other method you like) and go to the Details tab. Scroll down the long list of running processes and find the nvcplui.exe. Select it and click End Process. Now try to launch Nvidia Control Panel once again.

Next, try restarting some of the Nvidia’s services running in the background. This part is similar to how you fix the GeForce Experience 0x0003 error. Press Win + R and type services.msc. Scroll the list of services and find NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem. Right-click it and select Restart. If the service is not running, right-click it and select Run.

nvidia control panel not opening

If you use more than one monitor, try disconnecting all but the primary. Also, temporarily disable your antivirus software. You can also disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 and 11 to see whether the Microsoft’s built-in antivirus causes Nvidia Control Panel not to open. Important: If disabling antivirus did not help, turn it on immediately.

Some users with multi-monitor setup who use additional software for managing their monitors report that disabling such apps can fix the problem with Nvidia Control Panel not opening.

Now it is time to try reinstalling drivers and Nvidia Control Panel itself:

  • Go to the official Nvidia website and check whether your GPU has a newer driver. Updating the GPU driver will most likely help you fix Nvidia Control Panel not opening error.
  • If Nvidia Control Panel stopped launching after a recent drive update, try rolling back to the previous version:
    1. Press Win + R and type devmgmt.msc
    2. Expand the Display Adapters section and right-click your Nvidia graphics card.
    3. Select Properties. nvidia control panel wont open
    4. Go to the Driver tab and click Roll Back Driver. my nvidia control panel is not opening
  • If updating or rolling back the driver did not help, try deleting the existing driver and installing it from a scratch. Download the latest driver for your graphics card from the official Nvidia website, then proceed to uninstall GPU driver in Windows 10 or 11. After deleting the driver, install the new one. Make sure to place a checkmark next to the Clean Install option.
  • Try installing Nvidia Control Panel from another source. You can download the app from the Microsoft Store using this link.

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