How to Fix Not Enough USB Controller Resources?

Most PC peripheral devices, such as printers, thumb drives, external SSDs, card readers, and others, use USB cables to connect to your computer. USB or Universal Series Bus is a mature, well-established standard that rarely fails unless you have a serious hardware issue.

Still, users sometimes encounter a weird error with the following text: “Not enough USB controller resources” or “USB controller resources exceeded.” This article will help you understand the problem and learn how to fix the not enough USB controller resources error.

not enough usb controller resources

Not Enough USB Controller Resources: What Does It Mean?

Modern computers have more than one USB port, so you can connect multiple USB devices simultaneously and keep them working 24/7. Still, having ten USB ports does not mean all ports can work at once. Here is why:

  1. Bandwidth difference. Some USB devices require more bandwidth than others. For this reason, you can spot peripherals with two USB cables.
  2. Chipset and processor limitations. Cheaper motherboards with lower-end chipsets have fewer PCIe lanes that enable USB ports on your computer.
  3. Power draw. Connected USB devices can overload USB ports and the chipset, causing other ports to stop working to ensure the most demanding peripherals continue operating.
  4. Outdated standard. The device you try connecting to your computer might require a more modern USB port. This is one of the most common reasons why users encounter the “not enough USB controller resources” error. Check the hardware requirements for your device—it might need a USB 3.1 or 3.2 port, making it impossible to use with USB 3.0 or 2.0 ports.
  5. Software usage. The not enough USB controller resources error might appear when a specific app is using another USB device. Close all apps or wait for the processes to finish (moving, copying, etc).
  6. Hardware issues. This is self-explanatory.

How to Fix Not Enough USB Controller Resources?

Here is what you need to do to fix the not enough USB controller resources error on Windows 10 and 11:

Restart and troubleshoot. Fixing the not enough USB controller resources error starts with restarting your computer. If the problem persists, try using a built-in hardware troubleshooter. The chances of that tool fixing the problem are thin, but it will not hurt either:

  1. Open Control Panel (press Win + R and type control).
  2. Switch to the Small Icons or Large Icons and click Troubleshooting. usb controller resources exceeded
  3. Click Hardware and Sound. not enough usb resources
  4. Run the troubleshooters responsible for your device type, then follow on-screen instructions. usb controller resources exceeded windows 10

Disconnect all USB devices and leave only the most necessary. For example, keep only your mouse and keyboard. After that, connect the device that shows the not enough USB controller resources error.

not enough usb controller resources fix

Is your USB hub powered on? USB hubs with many ports often require an additional power supply, especially if they support high-end ports, such as Thunderbolt 3 or 4. Ensure your USB hub is connected to a power source, not a USB port (if required).

Avoid using a front panel. Front USB panels often lack the necessary power and bandwidth to ensure all USB devices work without issues. Disconnect the device, causing the not enough USB controller resources error, and plug it into the back of your computer.

Tip. If you use a laptop, try connecting a device to another side of the computer. Most laptop and tablet manufacturers use daughterboards to provide USB ports on both sides of a computer. Such USB ports might not work well with demanding devices, creating the not enough USB controller resources error.

Chipset drivers. Windows has built-in drivers to power most of your PC ports. Therefore, some users think installing chipset drivers is not necessary. Others allow Windows Update to do the job for them. Although the latter method is acceptable, fixing the USB controller resources exceeded error requires installing the latest chipset drivers from your PC manufacturer’s website. This applies to both desktops and laptops.

Some websites that try to sell you questionable software for “managing” drivers on Windows recommend updating USB drivers to fix the not enough USB controller resources error from the Device Manager. That will not work. USB drivers are part of your chipset driver package, and any attempt to update USB drivers in Device Manager will not fix the problem.

Controller Reset? Some users recommend rebooting USB controllers in Device Manager. You can do that without digging into Device Manager’s long branches. Disable fast startup and turn off your computer, then turn it again.

Physical Damage? Turn off your computer and inspect it carefully. Ensure there are no burnt marks on USB ports or other areas. If you use a desktop computer and have access to the internals, check if there are popped caps or similar components. Your PC should not smell burnt or emit “magic smoke.” Any USB or motherboard damage might result in the not enough USB controller resources.

Tip. Be extremely careful with your processor. Damaging a pin on a CPU (AMD Ryzen) or socket (Intel) will most likely result in some components (RAM, USB, PCIe, network adapters, etc) stopping working.

That is how you fix the not enough USB controller resources error in Windows 10 and 11.

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