How to Fix No suitable Graphics Card Found Error?

Sometimes, users encounter a weird No suitable graphics card found error upon launching a game or app in Windows 11, 10, and older. The error is particularly puzzling when your computer operates normally and the GPU is in perfect condition.

You should not worry to much. The “No suitable graphics card found” message does not necessarily mean your GPU died. In most cases, the error is software-related and relatively easy to fix. This article will show you how to fix no suitable graphics card found error in Windows 10, 11, and 7.

no suitable graphics card found

Solve No Suitable Graphics Card Found Error

Before you start troubleshooting drivers and GPU components, try changing one Windows setting. If you use Windows 11, do the following (skip this part if you use older Windows versions):

  1. Open the Settings app by pressing Win + I.
  2. Go to System > Display > Graphics. no suitable graphics devices found
  3. Find the game that shows the no suitable graphics card found error and click it, then select Options. no suitable graphics card found fix
  4. Switch graphics preferences to High performance. That will ensure your computer uses the most powerful graphics available. If you want to run lighter games that do not require much computational power and your computer has an iGPU, switch to Power saving. no suitable graphics card found error
  5. Click Save to apply the changes and try launching your game again.

Fix No Suitable Graphics Card Found Error

If the previous method did not work, try the following steps to fix the no suitable graphics card found error in Windows 10, 11, and 7:

  • Check ports. If your computer uses a discrete graphics card, ensure your monitors are connected to that GPU, not directly to the motherboard. Also, you can go to BIOS and disable the iGPU. If the latter did not help, enable the iGPU back. It is essential to keep it running in case you need to troubleshoot your computer without a dGPU.
  • Update GPU drivers. Install the latest drivers available from Intel, AMD, or Nvidia (depending on your GPU manufacturer). If your computer has a discrete graphics card and an iGPU, ensure you have the newest drivers for both. Windows Device Manager should properly report your GPU names with no “Generic VGA adapter” or similar. For example, Intel UHD Graphics and AMD Radeon RX 6600. You can download the latest drivers from Nvidia here, AMD here, and Intel here. It is crucial for you to download drivers from the official websites without using driver packs, driver managers, or Windows Device Manager.
  • Roll back the GPU driver. If the No suitable graphics card found error started happening after a driver update, roll it back in Windows Device Manager.
  • Update dependencies. This step primarily applies to games downloaded from unofficial sources. Steam, Epic Games Store, and other marketplaces provide games with all the additional components, such as DirectX or Visual Studio Redistributable. Download DirectX from the official website and install it on your computer. We also recommend installing .NET Framework dependencies. Do not use third-party websites or software to install these components.
  • Update your game to the latest version. Check Steam, Epic Games Store, or another marketplace for a newer version of your game. If you try to run a pirated game, download another repack. Also, do not pirate. Apart from not supporting developers, you risk getting malware or just a poor experience by downloading an outdated version or a broken repack.

If nothing helps, try launching another game or running a GPU benchmark to ensure your graphics card is working properly. Finally, check hardware requirements. It is possible that your graphics card is too old to run a particular game or does not support it.

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