What to Do If Your Macbook Freezes on Startup?

MacBook users often encounter the problem of freezing. That can happen on new and old models of computers with the macOS. In this article, we will describe instructions to force the closing of programs and restart the computer. This will help you if your MacBook freezes on startup or your computer hang already during operation.

Method №1: Command+Q and Force Quit Option

The frozen screen on Mac problem is often related to applications that stop responding. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, when the device does not have enough RAM or performance to perform a particular task. Mac can freeze due to application failures. For example, if you haven’t updated a program and using an outdated version. There are many causes. However, there are several solutions.

Imagine that one of your applications hangs while you’re working, but you can still move your mouse cursor around the screen. The first thing that should come to your mind is the Command + Q key combination. In case you didn’t know, this combination completely closes the current application (not just hides it from the screen, but exactly closes it).

Wait a minute before you close the suspended application. Perhaps the application is just trying to process your last request. If this is the case, the cursor will take the form of a spinning rainbow ball.

macbook freezes on startup

You should use the Force Quit command from the top menu if you are unable to close the application using normal methods. In the window that appears, select the problem application and confirm with the Force Quit button.

macbook pro freezes on startup

Method №2: Reboot or Shut Down Your Mac

Couldn’t force the closure of a frozen application? In this case, try rebooting or shutting down the computer to turn it on again.

Select one of the items in the top menu:

  • Sleep mode;
  • Restarting;
  • Shut Down.

Each of these commands will perform a corresponding action. You can only choose one of these items if your computer is not 100% frozen.

But what to do if the system is not responding to your actions?

Method №3: Forced Shutdown

More often than not, the MacBook does not respond to buttons: the mouse cursor does not move and keyboard shortcuts do not work.

In this case, you will have to perform a forced shutdown. To do this, press the MacBook power button (the mail button on the keyboard) and hold it down until the computer screen goes out. It will take at least 10 seconds.

This method will turn the device off and turn it back on in Safe mode. This will help if your iMac or MacBook pro freezes on startup. The forced shutdown always works.


One of the methods described above can help you restart your computer or force a program to close if the screen freezes while the application is loading or running. Other tips are often found on various websites. However, don’t try to follow them, as you could harm your Mac. For example, you shouldn’t wait for the battery to run out or try to remove the battery from the case.

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