What To Do If The iPhone Not Working After Update?

You can try to restore the functionality of your smartphone yourself if the iPhone does not work after an iOS update. Unfortunately, users of Apple gadgets often encounter this problem. However, we have several proven solutions for you. Read this instruction to the end to learn more about what to do if the iPhone does not work after the update.

Why Does My iPhone Freeze When I Update iOS?

iOS’s software updates are necessary for your device to run smoothly and efficiently. Every version of iOS has at least one bug that developers need to fix. Many bugs and security vulnerabilities are discovered after the release of a version of the operating system. Therefore, Apple developers periodically release updates, which in some cases can harm your iPhone or iPad.

The iPhone may turn off and not turn on after the update. In this case, you can try to run the recovery mode with your hands.

There are several common reasons why iPhone hangs when updating:

  • The smartphone has run out of power, as the update requires a lot of energy;
  • The memory chip or other hardware element has failed (it happens very rarely);
  • The internet connection to the Apple server was lost during the update;
  • There was not enough memory to install the updated version of iOS.

In some cases, you can try to solve the problem yourself, without the help of specialists. To do so, use the recovery mode recommendations below.

Method №1: Forced Reboot

The recovery process depends on the reason your iPhone hangs when you update to iOS 15 or another version. First, try to put the phone on a charger. It is desirable to use the original charger, as Apple products do not respond well to non-original accessories. Software updates can take quite a long time, draining the battery.

If the battery runs out during updates and the phone refuses to turn on, plug it in to a power source for at least 24 hours. If the problem is a dead battery, the iPhone will turn on after 8-24 hours.

If the phone still won’t turn on after 24 hours of charging, you can try resetting the gadget. The hard reset of iPhone is the very first procedure for various minor malfunctions. It is used if there are any minor malfunctions in the Apple equipment.

To reboot your phone, do the following:

  • Press the Home button and Power button simultaneously (for iPhone 10 and earlier models);
  • Simultaneously press the volume up and volume down buttons, as well as the power button (for iPhone 11 and later models);
  • Hold the buttons in this position for 12-20 seconds.

The Apple logo should appear on the screen, after which the device will reboot. If that didn’t work, then try another method.

Method №2: Data Recovery Via iTunes

iTunes can help you in such situations. You can always use iTunes to enter recovery mode/DFU and solve problems. For example, the iPhone freezes, black screen on your iPhone, but it works, touch or microphone does not work on iOS. If your phone is still working, you must first sync your data.

iphone not working after update

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer where you synced it and open iTunes.
  2. Wait for iTunes to sync your iPhone and back it up.
  3. Once the backup process is complete, click Restore iPhone.
  4. When the iPhone is restored, the setup screen should open, where you need to click “Restore from iTunes copy”.

Thereafter, you need to select your device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the most appropriate one.

If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, all media files and information will be erased on the iPhone at the time of recovery. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes > Force Restart > Restore iPhone.


If none of the above solutions help, chances are that you have encountered a hardware failure. A broken screen or loose connection can also cause an iPhone hardware problem. In addition, if you have replaced the damaged hardware with something besides the original, the new update may not support your device.

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