How to Fix iPhone Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi?

Unlike some competitors, Apple has no problem figuring out basic things in their smartphones. Modern iPhones are fast, reliable phones that, besides offering many advanced features, flawlessly work with basic stuff like calling, SMS, networking, taking photos, etc. Still, iPhones are not perfect, and there is no guarantee you will never experience a bug or hardware issue. Such things could lead to weird problems like the inability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, making users Google “unable to join network iphone,” “iphone not connect to Wi-Fi,” and other requests.

This article will show several tips and tricks to help fix your iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi.

It is worth noting that some users experience other kinds of Wi-Fi-related problems on their iPhones and iPad. They include the “Weak Security” and “Privacy Warning” errors.

Unable to Join a Network on iPhone — How to Fix It?

Restart. Power off your iPhone and turn it on again. Remember this rule whenever you troubleshoot your gadgets—you will be surprised how often a simple restart gets everything back to work.

Modern iPhones rarely demand restarts from customers, so not everyone knows how to do that. Here is how to restart your iPhone to fix the “unable to join network iPhone” error:

  • iPhones with the Home button and TouchID: Hold the side button until the iPhone displays a power slider. Slide it to the right to turn off the device, and hold the side button again once the device is entirely off.
  • iPhones with FaceID: Hold the side and volume down buttons. Turn off your iPhone, then press and hold the side button again.
  • Any iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Shutdown.

You can learn more about powering off and restarting your iPhone in our dedicated “How to turn off or restart an iPhone” guide.

Forget your network. Try “forgetting” your Wi-Fi network and connecting to it again.

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap Edit.
  2. Authenticate with FaceID or TouchID.
  3. Delete the network you need. iphone cannot connect to wi fi
  4. Connect to the network again.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone. Your iPhone and iPad can reset their network modules without resetting the entire operating system and your content. It can help you fix the problem with iPhone not connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. my iphone cannot connect to wifi
  2. Tap Reset > Reset Network Settings. cannot connect to wifi iphone
  3. Enter your Apple ID password and follow the on-screen instructions. Your iPhone will restart and take a few moments to complete the resetting procedure.

Note that resetting network settings on iPhone will delete all known Wi-Fi networks.

Router. Now it is time to troubleshoot your router. Begin with restarting your network equipment and disconnecting several other devices. The number of connected devices might be too high for your router to process.

Firmware. Check for firmware updates for your router. Newer software often fixes bugs that cause all sorts of issues, including the “unable to join network on iPhone” error.

Check Wi-Fi Settings. Apple has a dedicated list of network requirements necessary for your iPhone to operate as it should. Users might consider some features a must to ensure the safety of their devices. At the same time, those capabilities do not improve security and often cause bugs and instabilities. Also, temporarily disable all parental controls, firewalls, and other protective measures.

Try another network. Go to a local coffee shop or your friend and check if your iPhone connects to their network. If yes, something is wrong with your network or router.

Try another iPhone. If possible, try to connect another iPhone or computer to your network. It will help you ensure the problem is not hiding inside your smartphone or its hardware problems.

iOS and iPadOS do not provide lots of troubleshooting tools, so there is only so much you can try to fix the “unable to join network on iPhone” error. Still, those simple steps have already helped numerous people connect their smartphones to the internet. If you know other methods to solve the problem with iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi, share them in the comments to help other customers.

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