How to Use WhatsApp on iPad?

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messengers, with an active audience of more than 1 billion users. Surprisingly, the app is not available for the iPad. If you go to the App Store from your iPad, you cannot find a supported version of the messenger, while it is available on iPhone and Mac without restrictions.

This creates many limitations for active users who are used to using the iPad for work and communication with friends. However, there is a way to get and use WhatsApp on the iPad. This article will help you get the app and set it up.

What Do We Know About WhatsApp for iPad?

A version of WhatsApp for iPad is in development, as evidenced by the statements of the head of the messenger, Will Cathcart. The first information about the creation of an alternative version of the application appeared in mid-2021, but then the announcement date was repeatedly postponed for unknown reasons.

According to the statements of the company’s boss, the iPad version of WhatsApp is almost created, but there are still some additions and refinements. In May 2022, the first probable screenshots of the updated version of the messenger, which will be able to connect Mac, iPad and iPhone, were published on Twitter.

how to use whatsapp on ipad

An official announcement is currently planned for 2022, but no other details are available. In the meantime, you can use the temporary solution to exchange messages and files with your contacts in WhatsApp on the iPad.

4 Steps to Get WhatsApp on iPad

Follow 4 steps to get and use WhatsApp on iPad without restrictions:

  1. Browse to on your iPad using Safari. The desktop version of WhatsApp Web will automatically load if you’re using iPadOS 13 or later.
  2. For iOS 12 or earlier users, WhatsApp will display its home page instead. Alternatively, you can hold down the refresh button to the right of the website address to resolve this issue. After a few seconds, click ‘Load desktop site’.
    how to get whatsapp on ipad
  3. By scanning the QR code, you’ll be able to pair your iPhone with WhatsApp Web. You can pair them by going to WhatsApp Web in the iPhone’s Settings and scanning the code.
    can you use whatsapp on ipad
  4. Messages, voice notes, and media from your recent WhatsApp conversations should now be displayed on the page.
    can you use whatsapp on an ipad

Follow these steps to access the web version of the app on the iPad. However, this version does not support notifications with banners displayed on the app display. Therefore, you will have to track the appearance of new messages manually by unlocking the device each time. This is the only drawback of the web version of WhatsApp for iPad.

Instead, you get an intuitive interface with access to share files, messages, media, as well as stickers and emoticons. Plus, all chats automatically sync with other session assets on connected devices.


You can use this guide to access the web version of WhatsApp on iPad without any restrictions. You’ll be able to use the app on your Apple tablet until the official mobile version arrives at the App Store with iPad support. This could happen very soon, so a temporary solution is a great alternative.

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