How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams from Laptop or PC?

Teams is a messenger from Microsoft that millions of customers use daily to do work and business. You can consider Teams as a Slack replica made by the company that makes Windows and Office. Unlike Slack, Teams has two variants: one for regular consumers and one for business. Windows 11 has the former built-in, which means every computer with Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Teams.

Although Teams is very popular among business customers, very few home users prefer Teams to iMessage, WhatsApp, or any other well-established messenger. Also, people just do not like how Microsoft makes everything hard by providing two variants of the same app without any clear explanation. Therefore, many users search for how to uninstall Microsoft Teams from a laptop or PC. Here is how.

Can I Uninstall Microsoft Teams?

Even though Teams is a stock Windows 11 app, you can uninstall Microsoft Teams from any computer with Microsoft’s latest operating system. Here is how you delete Microsoft Teams:

  1. If you use Windows 11, you need to remove Teams (also known as Chat) from the taskbar, where it sits by default. First, find the Teams icon in the tray and right-click it. Select Quit. how to uninstall microsoft teams
  2. Open the Settings app by pressing Win + I or using Windows Search. You can also right-click the Start menu button and select Settings. Note that you cannot right-click the Chat button to uninstall Microsoft Teams in Windows 11. Microsoft has made it difficult to disable Chat on the taskbar, which does not make the app any more desirable or loved.
  3. Go to Personalization > Taskbar. uninstall microsoft teams
  4. Find the Chat option and toggle it off. It is important to disable Chat. Otherwise, Microsoft Teams will keep hogging resources on your computer and reinstalling itself. how to uninstall ms teams in laptop
  5. Open the Start menu and click All Apps.
  6. Find Microsoft Teams with the T letter on a white background and right-click it.
  7. Select Uninstall and confirm your action. how to uninstall microsoft teams in laptop

You can also uninstall Microsoft teams from Windows 11 using Windows Terminal and a simple command. Do the following:

  1. First, remove the Chat button from the taskbar as described in the previous section.
  2. Press Win + R and type wt then press Enter. Alternatively, right-click the Start menu button and select Windows Terminal or Terminal. You do not need to run Terminal as Admin to uninstall Microsoft Teams.
  3. In Windows Terminal, type winget list and press Enter. This command will list all the apps on your computer, including Microsoft Teams. You need this list to find the exact name of the Teams’ package and use it in the uninstall command.
  4. Wait for Windows Terminal to gather the required information. If this is the first time you use winget, Terminal will prompt you to accept terms and conditions. Press Y and then Enter.
  5. Find Microsoft Teams in the list of apps. Copy the app’s ID in the second column. how to uninstall teams
  6. Type winget uninstall and paste the copied ID.
  7. Press Enter and wait for Windows to uninstall Microsoft Teams from your computer.

Note. Ensure you have disabled the Chat icon on the taskbar, otherwise Teams will remain on your computer, and an accidental click will result in Microsoft Teams installing itself once again.

That is how you uninstall Microsoft Teams from Windows 11.

Delete Microsoft Teams from Windows 10 and 11

The uninstalling procedure is slightly different if you use Microsoft Teams for work (you downloaded the app from the official website) and want to delete it. This part of the article applies to all Windows versions that officially support Microsoft Teams. In a nutshell, you can uninstall Microsoft Teams on computer just like any other third-party application. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, do the following:

  1. Press Win + R and type Control to launch the legacy Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program. how to uninstall teams in laptop
  3. Open the Programs and Features section if you use large or small icons. microsoft teams uninstall
  4. Scroll down the list of available applications and find Microsoft Teams. The app will have the letter T on a violet background. That is how you distinguish Microsoft Teams for home users from teams for work or school.
  5. Click Uninstall and confirm the action. how to uninstall teams from laptop
  6. Wait for Windows to uninstall Microsoft Teams from a laptop or PC.

That is how you delete Microsoft Teams. If you want to restore the app, head to the official Microsoft Teams website and download it. For home use, go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and enable Chat. Click the Chat icon on the taskbar and wait for Windows to set up the application.

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