How to Stop Hearing Yourself On Mic in Windows 10?

Here is a peculiar situation in which you may end up after connecting a microphone to Windows 10: out of nowhere, you start hearing yourself on mic in Windows. Whatever you try to say, Windows immediately repeats on speakers. Needless to say, that situation may be quite irritating, especially if you are on a conference call or simply try to speak to your friends, relatives, etc.

If Windows 10 constantly repeats what you say on the mic, it does not mean your system, microphone, or speakers malfunction. In fact, that is a separate feature called “Monitoring.” Monitoring allows you to hear yourself and ensure the mic and system are working properly without any background noise, interruptions, etc. Its primary purpose is to work with headphones, but microphone monitoring in Windows 10 also works with regular speakers. Below you will find out how to disable hearing yourself on mic in Windows. Earlier we showed how to completely disable microphone on Windows.

How to Turn off Hearing Yourself on Mic in Windows 10?

  1. Go to Windows Settings, then click System Sounds. how to stop hearing yourself on mic windows 10
  2. Find the Sound Control Panel link and press it. Windows will open a new Sound window.
  3. Click the Recording tab and find your microphone. Press it, then click Properties in the bottom-right corner of the window. how to stop hearing yourself on mic
  4. Switch to the Listen tab. Here you can disable hearing yourself on a microphone in Windows 10 or select another device for monitoring. The latter will be convenient if microphone monitoring does not work in headphones and the system plays your voice on speakers. how to turn off hearing yourself on mic
  5. If you want to stop hearing yourself on a microphone in Windows 10, uncheck the Listen to this device option. Press Ok. how to disable hearing yourself on mic
  6. To change the monitoring output device, select one from the Playback through this device list.
  7. Press Ok to apply changes.

Now you know how to disable microphone monitoring in Windows 10.

For your information. More advanced microphones or recording systems may use their own dedicated software for sound managing. If you use third-party sound control panels, check settings in there. Your app may manage microphone monitoring, not the standard Control Panel in Windows 10. You might also want to learn how to disable the microphone in Windows 10. That article covers desktop computers with discreet microphones and tells you how to turn off a microphone in a laptop.

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