How to Recover Deleted Photos From iPhone?

Many people keep a lot of important photos on their iPhones. However, sometimes it happens when the most important photos are being deleted by mistake. This can be easily fixed and here we will describe how to recover deleted photos from an iPhone.

Method №1: Use “Recently Deleted” Folder

Start with the easiest way. In iPhone, all deleted media files from the gallery are located in the Recently Deleted folder. There they are stored for up to 30 days, after which they will be deleted without a trace from the built-in storage or iCloud reserves. You have a chance to get them back if no more than one month has passed. Many users forget about this and do not know how to recover deleted photos from galleries. Open the gallery and scroll it down. You’ll see a “Recently Deleted” folder. Open it and look for deleted photos there. In 90% of cases, this will help you to recover deleted photos on your iPhone. You need to open the desired photo from the list of deleted ones and click the restore button. It only takes a few seconds, but you’ll be very happy you did.

how to recover deleted photos from iphone

Method №2: iCloud Restore

The first option did not work? Was the photo deleted without a trace? We still have a way out of this situation. Perhaps the iCloud restore procedure will help you. However, this method works only if you have the data backup feature active in your iCloud settings. We previously wrote about how to activate this feature. If you have previously backed up data, this method will help to recover permanently deleted photos from the gallery.

Follow a few simple steps to do this:

  1. Go to the iPhone main settings > General.
  2. Go to Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  3. Activate Erase All Content and Settings.
  4. Select one of the backup records.

After the backup, you may find previously deleted photos in the gallery.

recover deleted photos from iphone

Method №3: Third-Party Applications

You can use special applications to recover deleted data. The good news is that the most effective programs to recover permanently deleted photos on your iPhone allow you to immediately check the possibility of recovery. The best reviews have the applications Disk Drill and PhoneRescue. They are paid. However, you can see the result of their work before you pay (the functionality allows it).

Install one of these apps through the App Store and follow the instructions in the menu. You’ll be able to start the recovery process in a couple of clicks by paying for the licensed version. However, you will be able to test the functionality before that.


We hope that one of the methods described here has helped you and now you know how to get deleted photos back on your iPhone. Don’t despair if you have failed to recover deleted media files using the first or second method. The last method is usually successful for everyone, and it is a good chance to keep important pictures on your device.

In the future, try to back up iCloud more often and copy important files to cloud storage. This will make restoring data from iCloud easier.

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