How to Make Siri Announce Incoming Calls and Notifications on iPhone?

In updated versions of iOS, Siri has a new feature called Announce Notifications, which lets you read out notifications when you’re wearing AirPods or Beats headphones connected.

Siri has been able to speak messages for some time, but in iOS 15 this feature has been extended to all notifications. Siri will automatically notify you of app notifications if this feature is turned on.

You can also choose to have Siri announce app-by-app notifications if you want to hear notifications from specific apps that aren’t time-sensitive.

how to make siri announce incoming calls

Previously, Siri could already announce incoming messages when you’re on your headphones and quickly respond to them with a “Reply” or “Reject” voice command. Now they’ve added notification announcements to the functionality. In addition, Siri can also send you a summary of notifications at a specified time. This comes in handy, for example, in the morning when you’re getting ready for work and need to quickly find out what you’ve been written to overnight.

How to set up a notification announcement

  1. Update to iOS 15 or later;
  2. Go to the “Siri & Search” panel, or the “Notifications” panel;
  3. Activate “Notification Announcement,” set up the apps you want to receive notifications from;

If you want, you can add “Summary Delivery,” but this must be done in the “Notifications” menu. For it, you just select the time and the apps.

Simply select an app in the list to make Siri notify you of all notifications from a particular app.

To conveniently disable notification announcements, you can add a quick button to the Control Item. That way, if you don’t need the feature presently, you can quickly turn it off and then turn it on afterwards.


The addition of “Notification Announcements” is an expected new feature in Siri functionality. At the WWDC 2021 presentation, they showed that Siri will be able to notify you about packages that a delivery guy will leave on your doorstep if you have the HomeKit smart camera connected. But it’s also a handy feature if, for example, you’re keeping track of bitcoin exchange rates and have installed an app that sends you notifications when the quotes change. Siri’s notification options are gigantic. You can activate these settings for each individual app in the settings.

You can miss something on the iPhone screen, especially when you work all day with your headphones on and have set your focus mode to “Work”. And with notification announcements and summary, now you definitely won’t miss anything!

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