How to find printer IP address?

Modern printers support various connection types. In addition to the standard connection via a USB cable, printers allow wireless printing over Wi-Fi networks. This removes clutter and lets more devices connect to the printer and use its capabilities. Connecting a printer to a PC using a cable is relatively easy. However, inexperienced users might need to learn how to find printer ip address to print wirelessly. Unfortunately, we cannot create a guide with detailed how-tos for each printer model possible. Instead, we will show you the basic principles and methods to help you find your printer’s IP address.

Where to find IP address on a printer?

  • Check the user’s manual. Wi-Fi-enabled printers have the necessary connection information in their manuals. Look for the connection or wireless section. The IP address you are looking for will look similar to 192.168.0.XXX.
    how to find printer ip address
  • Look at the device itself. If possible, look at the back or underneath the printer. Find a sticker with the basic information about the printer. You may find the printer’s IP address similar to how you can find the IP address of a router. Note that some printers are heavy, so proceed with caution.
  • Print a test page. Most printers can print a test page with the basic information even without connecting to a single PC or tablet. You can print the page by navigating the main menu on the printer’s display. If your device has no built-in monitor, refer to the user manual to find the key combination for a printing test. Your printer’s IP address and other essential information about the device will appear on the output page.
  • Check your printer’s menu. If your printer has a built-in display, use it to navigate to the wireless connection section. Alternatively, look for general information or the “About” section.
  • Check your router. If the printer is already connected to your wireless network, open your router’s control panel and look for the connected devices. Modern routers can recognize what device types are in use. Each connected device will appear with its dedicated IP address. find printer ip address
  • Check your printer application. Most printers, even inexpensive ones, have dedicated software for customizing the printer, updating its firmware, and more. Launch the application and look for the status information to find your printer’s IP address. Modern printers come with dedicated mobile software that often provides a more accessible and user-friendly method to set up a printer. Check if your manufacturer offers such an application and use it if your printer supports it.
  • Check Windows Settings. This section will work if the printer is connected to at least one Windows computer. Press Win + I on the keyboard, navigate to Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners and click your printer. Windows will list your printer’s properties, including the IP address. where is the ip address on a printer
  • Use a network scanning tool. Some apps let you scan your network and detect all connected devices. Advanced IP Scanner is a free app for detecting printers inside your network. Note that this method will only work if the printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Those are the methods you can use to find the printer’s IP address regardless of your operating system. If you know other ways, share them with other readers in the comments.

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