How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone?

You can find hidden apps on your iPhone using one of the methods described in this article. Many users create hidden folders or hide app icons on their iPhones, so others do not see them. It’s worth doing if you want to protect yourself from unauthorized usage or hide information from a child or loved ones. Apple has taken care of this and has added several ways to hide photos, files, folders, or apps on the iPhone. However, many users can’t find the information or apps they want after hiding. Read to the end to find hidden and secret apps on iPhone.

Search Hidden Apps on iPhone

The easiest and fastest way to find hidden folders, apps, or secret messages on your iPhone is to use the search function. This feature is integrated into any version of iOS, including iOS 14 and 15. In search mode, you can find hidden apps in the file library.

find hidden apps on iphone

  1. Go to the search menu (swipe the screen menu to the left, and you’ll see the search bar).
  2. Type the name of the desired app or text from a message to find it.
  3. Wait for the search result and open the desired section.

In some cases, the search mode does not show hidden apps or messages on your iPhone. This is due to the search mode being disabled in a particular program. Make sure the search and home screen display function is activated in the settings menu of the desired application.

Note. Make sure the application you want is in the Settings section. If it’s not in the iPhone memory, you won’t be able to find it. It probably isn’t on your smartphone or tablet at all.

Search Hidden Apps with Siri

You can use an even more accessible and faster way to find hidden or lost apps on your iPhone/iPad. Open Siri search mode and say the name of the hidden or lost app. Siri displays all apps or files in the search results, regardless of their status or privacy.

Use the Apps Library and the Page Display Mode on the Screen

Use the app library on your iPad or iPhone to access hidden apps or folders. Swipe right from the last page of the Home screen to open the file library. You’ll see icons for all apps, organized by category and purpose. Find the one you want and move it to the Home screen to make it visible. After that, you can open it from the home screen with a couple of clicks.

how to find hidden apps on iphone

Some users can’t find apps or folders because they’ve removed an entire page from the home screen. First, go into wiggle mode by clicking on an empty area of the screen. Next, swipe to either side of the screen to open Edit Pages mode. You will see all the pages with app icons and folders, including the hidden ones. Hidden pages are unchecked. Activate them to access apps and folders.

how to see hidden apps on iphone


You have several ways to find hidden apps, files, or messages on your iPhone/iPad. Use one or more of the methods described above. They are proven and effective. We are sure of it. We hope this article was useful for you.

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