How to Change SIM PIN on Android?

PIN code or personal identification number is one of the tools you can use to protect your phone number and personal data. Although it is less secure than your fingerprint or another kind of biometric authentication, an extra layer of security will never hurt.

Still, many customers consider SIM PIN a redundant security method that only annoys users. Besides, SIM PIN quickly loses its relevance as eSIM becomes more popular and phases out physical SIM cards.

We have already covered how to disable SIM PIN on iPhone; now it is time to see how to change SIM PIN on Android. This article will also show you how to change your SIM PIN in Android if you want to use something more secure than four zeros or other easy-to-guess combinations.

Note. Android phones are different and use various software with different user interfaces. We cannot list every Android variant in a single article, but we can show you the general idea to help you disable or change your SIM PIN on Android.

It is worth noting that disabling SIM PIN on Android is not device-exclusive. Your SIM has a chip that remembers the PIN’s state, so the next device you put the card in will not ask you to enter the PIN code. You can also turn off eSIM PIN on Android or keep it on.

Tip. Some cellular providers offer modern apps for managing SIM-related things, like your data plan, phone numbers, eSIM, extra services, etc. Check whether your provider allows managing SIM PIN via its application. The latter might also help you find your current PIN and PUK codes.

Disable SIM PIN on Android

Tip. You can always use Settings search to locate the needed option. Use search if your smartphone’s UI or settings sections differ from what we have published in this article.

  1. Open Settings and find the Passwords & Security section.
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy.
  3. Find the first section, called “SIM Lock,” and select the SIM card whose PIN you want to turn off. change sim pin on android
  4. Toggle off the Lock SIM card option. android change sim pin
  5. Enter your PIN code and confirm the action. Important: You have only three tries. Your Android smartphone will lock the SIM card after three failed attempts to disable or change the PIN code. The only option from there is to use the PUK (personal unlock code), which also allows no more than ten failed attempts.
  6. Now you can remove the SIM card and put it into another smartphone without the latter requiring you to enter the PIN code.

How to Change SIM PIN on Android

Changing SIM PIN on an Android smartphone is similar to disabling SIM PIN. Again, you need to know your PIN code or have the PUK code on standby.

Note. You need to enable SIM PIN on Android before changing it.

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to the Passwords & Security section.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Select the SIM card to change SIM PIN on Android. android sim pin change
  4. Tap Change SIM PIN. change sim card pin android
  5. Enter your current PIN. Remember that you have only three attempts to enter the correct PIN code.
  6. Type a new SIM PIN and tap Ok.
  7. Confirm the new PIN to save the changes.

Now you can remove the SIM card and put it into another smartphone, and it will ask you to enter the PIN before enabling the SIM. Disabling SIM PIN on Android will not reset the new PIN.

That is how you disable SIM PIN on Android. Now you also know how to change SIM PIN on Android if you are unhappy with the default and oversimplified option.

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