How to Allow/Block Microphone and Camera Access on Mac?

Recently, users have been paying more and more attention to the privacy and protection of personal data. One way to protect yourself is to block access to your camera and microphone through various services and applications. In this tutorial, we will take a look at several ways to block access in macOS browsers (Safari, Opera, Google Chrome). Browsers in macOS allow you to restrict websites that may request access to the video camera or microphone with pop-ups.

Websites can also sometimes ask for such consent, especially for microphone or camera accessibility. For example, if it’s a video conferencing site. But some websites get this access without your consent. This can harm your privacy.

Do you have a problem with the security of a website? You’re not happy with the requests for access to your Mac’s camera or microphone? Learn how to block camera and microphone access in browsers and applications on your MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini.

How to Block Access to the Microphone and Camera for Websites in Safari?

Make sure you have an updated version of Safari installed on your Mac. It’s important because older Mac versions don’t have access to these security settings for websites.

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Go to the website for which you want to restrict or block access to the camera and microphone. Click Safari in the menu bar next to the Apple logo.
    how to allow microphone access on mac
  3. Select Settings for this Website from the drop-down list of channels.
  4. It will bring up the context menu listed in the Safari address bar. Here you will find specific settings for the video camera and microphone on the website. By default, statements are ready for the Ask prompt, which is a factor for all pop-ups.
  5. Click Ask next to the two options and select Reject.
    how to allow camera access on mac

From now on, you will no longer receive any video cameras or pop-ups related to the microphone access from that particular website. After all, Safari will block all requests from the site. You can duplicate these steps to limit video camera and microphone access to other websites.

how to allow access to microphone on mac

You can also keep camera and microphone services accessible on the Mac. Set the access setting to Allow in this case. However, do this carefully and allow it only for reputable websites you trust to completely access your microphone and camera.

How to Block Access to the Microphone and Camera for Websites in Other Browsers on Mac?

Other popular macOS browsers have similar privacy settings. For example, you need to open the Privacy and security in Opera to change the Camera and Microphone settings. Block access on the specific website to video and audio recordings to keep yourself safe.

how to allow access to microphone on mac safari

how to allow access to microphone on mac opera

If you’re using Google Chrome, you’ll also need to open the settings menu and find your Microphone and Camera access settings.

Now you know how to manage your security on any Mac browser! We hope this article helps you to block microphone and camera access on your Mac on different sites.

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