How to Fix iPhone Battery Indicator Yellow?

iPhones with the latest iOS can display four different battery indicators: standard, percentage, red, and yellow. We have a dedicated article describing how to enable battery percentage on an iPhone. The red battery indicator on iPhone is self-explanatory—it means the battery level is critical. So, what does the yellow battery indicator on iPhone means? This article will show you what to do if the iPhone battery icon suddenly turns yellow. It also applies to iPads, where the battery indicator can appear yellow.

iphone battery indicator yellow

A Yellow Battery Indicator on iPhone—What Does It Mean, and How to Fix It?

Your iPhone switches the standard battery indicator to the yellow one when you enable the built-in power-saving or Low Power mode. Lower Power mode on iPhone lets you save some battery juice by disabling numerous background activities (you might miss some notifications as applications stop updating in the background) and reducing display time out, giving an extra hour or two of standby time. Also, iPad Pro and iPhone Pro models with ProMotion displays (120Hz) lock the refresh rate at 60Hz to save the remaining battery as much as possible.

A yellow battery indicator on an iPhone does not mean your battery requires replacement or repair. iOS has separate mechanisms and tools to ensure the built-in battery remains healthy. Also, iPhone will let you know the other way when it detects a non-genuine battery or when the original one reaches its end of life. You can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and check for any warnings.

iPhones and iPads display a low battery warning message when they reach 20% of the charge. The notification offers two buttons: acknowledge the warning and enable Low Power Mode. Many users ignore warnings and tap randomly on the screen to make the message disappear. That is how they end up not knowing why the iPhone battery icon suddenly became yellow.

Proceed with the following steps if you do not remember enabling Low Power mode on your iPhone or you do not know how to do that:

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll down to the Battery section.
  2. Open the Battery section and find the Low Power Mode option. iphone battery icon yellow
  3. Toggle it off.

Alternatively, you can ask Siri to disable (or enable) Low Power mode to fix iPhone yellow battery indicator “problem.”

yellow battery indicator iphone

Another way to solve the yellow battery on your iPhone is to connect your smartphone to a charger. iOS automatically disables Low Power mode upon reaching 80% of battery (or higher).

Finally, you can check if you have the Low Power mode button in the control center. You may have tapped Low Power accidentally, making your iPhone battery indicator yellow.

iphone battery meter yellow

iOS does not display Low Power mode in the control center by default. Do the following to add or remove the button from the control center:

  1. Launch the Settings app and scroll down to the Control Center section.
  2. Tap a green plus button next to the Low Power Mode option. apple iphone yellow battery indicator
  3. Now open the control center and tap the corresponding button.

That is how you fix the “iPhone battery icon yellow” problem on iPhone and iPad. As you can see, it is a simple built-in tool that helps you save the battery on low levels.

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