How to Find Duplicate Photos on Windows?

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding duplicate photos on Windows 10 and 11. Nobody likes duplicate photos, especially when we have modern, high-resolution cameras capable of taking, although detailed, very “heavy” pictures. Removing duplicates can save you tons of space on your drive or cloud storage, making it easier to organize and maintain your photo library.

Unfortunately, finding duplicate photos on Windows 10 and 11 is impossible without third-party apps unless you are ready to scroll through your albums manually and delete photos one-by-one. Microsoft is yet to implement removing duplicate images in Windows 10 or 11, and meanwhile, users can opt for free third-party utilities.

Finding Duplicate Photos on Windows 10/11

All you need to delete duplicate photos on Windows 10 and 11 is the app called AllDup. It is a free program capable of finding duplicate photos and files on your computer. AllDup is a simple and very powerful utility that will help you clean your system.

  1. Download the AllDup app from its official website and install it as any other program.
  2. Run the application from a shortcut on the desktop or Start menu.
  3. Click the arrow-down next to the Source Folders and specify where AllDup should look for photo duplicates. For example, on the entire driver C or just a specific folder. find duplicate photos windows 10
  4. Next, switch to the Search Method, where you need to specify how the app should decide whether a file is a duplicate. By default, AllDup uses only names, which will not work for photos. If you want to find duplicate photos on Windows 10 and 11, place a checkmark next to File content. Be sure to uncheck File name, otherwise the app might not return proper results. find duplicate images windows 10
  5. Note that finding duplicate photos on Windows 10 is a resource and time-consuming process. If you want to keep working with your computer and ensure AllDup does not hog your CPU, go to Search Options and place a checkmark next to Set the CPU priority for AllDup to ‘low’. Finding files will take longer, but your computer will be more responsive during the process. windows find duplicate photos
  6. Click Start Search and wait for the app to find duplicate photos on your computer. find duplicate photos on pc
  7. Once the process is over, AllDup will show you the results. Preview each file by clicking the Preview button on the toolbar. find duplicate photos in windows 10
  8. Select duplicates you want to delete, then click the Delete button on the toolbar. That button launches file manager that allows multiple actions with the selected files. check for duplicate photos windows 10
  9. Place a checkmark next to Delete files in the “WHat action is to be performed” section. You can delete files, delete files securely (you can recover such files), and move them to the Windows Recycle Bin. Select the option you need and click Ok to finish the procedure. remove duplicate images windows 10

We recommend you spend more time browsing AllDup’s settings section to understand better how this software works. It is a powerful and flexible utility with numerous features, and the best thing is that it is free and safe to use.

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