How to Use FaceTime on Windows PC?

Since its inception, FaceTime has been the Forbidden Fruit for many outside Apple’s ecosystem. Many users agree that the video calling service from Apple offers one of the best image and audio quality. FaceTime and iMessage are big selling points for Apple and a reason people stick to their iPhones. Still, it is 2021, and video conferencing is popular like never before. The rise of Zoom and other cross-platform services forced Apple to reconsider its strategies and introduce FaceTime for Windows and Android. Yes, you can now use FaceTime on a Windows PC. Here is how.

Apple does not give away one of its best services to Windows and Android users. To use FaceTime on a PC, you need to get a link to a FaceTime call from your friend, relative, colleague, or anybody else with an iOS 15 or macOS Monterey-compatible iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You cannot create a FaceTime account on Windows and call other people with Apple devices.

If you have a modern iOS/macOS device, you can create a FaceTime call link for other people to join from Windows or Android devices.

How to Create a Link to Use FaceTime on Windows or Android?

  1. Make sure you have updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15 or newer (macOS Monterey if you have a Mac). facetime windows
  2. Open the FaceTime app. facetime on pc
  3. Tap the “Create Link” button next to the big green “New FaceTime” button. facetime windows 10
  4. Tap the “Add Name” link to give your conversation a fitting name. Tap Ok to apply changes.
  5. Now share the generated link to any app, iMessage, or email.
  6. Once you have sent invites, tap your FaceTime call in the “Upcoming” section. apple facetime for pc
  7. Tap the “Join” button and wait for participants to show up. facetime pc windows 10
  8. To approve a participant, press the checkmark button at the top of the screen whenever a new person joins your call. facetime pc windows

Note that you do not need to create a new link for recurring calls. Existing links remain accessible, but others can join them only once the host starts the conversation from their device.

How to Use FaceTime on a Windows PC?

If you are the one to use FaceTime on a Windows PC, here is what you need to do to join a call using FaceTime.

  1. Once you receive an invitational link, open it in any modern browser.
  2. Enter your name to join the call. Note that you are not obliged to use your real name. Just make sure the host can understand who is joining let you in.
  3. Click the big green “Continue” button. facetime on laptop windows
  4. On the next screen, click the “Join” button in the bottom-right corner. facetime on computer pc
  5. Wait for the host to let you join the meeting.

Tip. Check your browser settings before using FaceTime on a Windows PC. Make sure your browser has permission to use a webcam and a microphone; otherwise, your friends will not hear nor see you during a call.

use facetime on pc

And that is how to use FaceTime on a Windows PC. True, it is not as convenient as Zoom or a native FaceTime app. Still, you can now talk to your iOS-preferring friends, relatives, or colleagues using the service they like.

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