How to Fix Discord Update Failed on Mac?

Like every other software or program, Discord is not immune to various bugs or issues. Sometimes, things go sideways, and users encounter problems and instabilities, such as Discord update failing on loop on Mac. In this article, we list a few things you may need to do to try to fix the Discord update failed on Mac.

Before you start, it is worth noting that there may be many reasons why the Discord update failed on your Mac. Sometimes, bugs appear out of the blue and disappear for no reason. This means you need to try various methods to fix failed Discord update on Mac or another platform.

discord update failed loop mac

Discord is a popular service for online communication with friends, relatives, colleagues, and others. Many gamers use this service for voice chats during their gaming session since it is platform-agnostic and available on every gaming and non-gaming platform (Mac).

Like every other modern service, Discord frequently gets updates with new features, bugfixes, and security updates, which are necessary to keep the service running. Although you can use Discord for some time without installing updates, sooner or later, the program will stop working unless you update it to a newer version. Moreover, using a modern Internet-connected app without updates is a risky feat that exposes you to security issues and vulnerabilities.

One of the most popular issues with Discord on Macbooks is failed updates. Sometimes, users report problems like “discord update failed loop on Mac” or “discord update failed on Mac.” In a nutshell, a bug prevents the app from installing the latest version and operating as it should. Continue reading this article to learn what to do when Discord updates fail on a loop on a Mac.

Fix Discord Update Failed on Mac – Ensure there is no service outage.

Troubleshooting Discord update fails on a Mac begins with checking its online status. A service outage may cause problems updating Discord on Macs, Windows, and other platforms. Go to the Discord Status page in your browser— it should display a green indicator and an “All systems operational” message.

discord update failed mac

Next, open the official website and log in. Check whether you can send messages and create video or audio calls. If all those features work, the problem is not related to your Internet connection, personal account settings, or the service outage.

If Discord’s web version does not work, try fixing failed Discord update with a VPN connection. DNS failure could be another issue throwing a wrench into Discord updates. If you cannot update Discord with an active VPN connection, disable your VPN and try again—services often block specific VPN IP addresses for various reasons.

Clear Discord Cache to Fix Failed Discord Update on Mac

Cache issues may be another thing causing the Discord update failed on the Mac problem. The service periodically saves data to hidden macOS folders, which are also related to the automatic update process. If the cache gets corrupted, you will not be able to update the program. To solve the problem, try clearing the Discord cache on Mac.

  1. Launch Finder, open the “Go” section in the top menu, and select “Go to Folder.”
  2. A window will appear where you must enter a path to a folder or its name. Enter:
     ~ / Library / Application Support / discord

    update failed discord mac

  3. Select the Cache, GPUCache, and Code Cache folders in the list and delete them. Although not necessary, empty the trash after deleting the Discord cache to try to fix failed Discord update on the Mac.

Check Settings to Fix Failed Discord Update on Mac

Incorrect date/time settings are another things that can cause your apps and updates to go haywire. This problem is relevant mostly for MacBook owners who allow their devices to go beyond critical battery levels. If the Discord update fails on your Mac, check your date and time settings, and ensure they are correct and synced, then try again. Note that incorrect date and time will cause issues with other applications and services, not only Discord.

Uninstall and Re-install Discord on Mac

If your Discord app has been sitting without updates for a very long time (for example, you rarely use your Mac or got a second-hand device), the only way to fix the Discord update failed on the Mac error is to delete the app and install it from scratch. Such an approach will ensure no breadcrumbs left from the previous installation prevent you from updating Discord on your Mac.

Operating system compatibility is one of the most common problems why users report Discord updates failing on the Mac. The service does not work on old macOS versions; you need macOS 10.11 or newer to run Discord or update the app. If you use older macOS versions with an older Discord version, update the operating system first. Otherwise, you will get errors, and the service will not work.

First, you must uninstall Discord on Mac using the Finder > Applications folder. Find Discord in the list of installed apps, right-click Discord, select Move to Trash and confirm the removal. After that, empty the trash.

discord mac update failed

After uninstalling the app from your Mac, you might still have folders with hidden files and data. Therefore, you need to manually delete two remaining Discord folders or use third-party apps to clean your Mac. You can find those folders in the following directories:

~/Library/Application Support/Discord

/Library/Application Support/Discord

To find these folders, go to Finder, then click Go to Foder on the top menu.

One of these ways should solve the Discord update failed issue. Now go to the official Discord website and download the app for your Mac. If Discord keeps failing on your Mac, try using the service on your mobile device or accessing Discord using its web version.

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