3 Best Ways to Customize Menu Bar on Mac

One of the most popular Mac functions is the bar at the top of the screen, even though it may seem like it only displays the time and Wi-Fi. Turns out, macOS’s menu bar can do a lot more than that.

You can customize your Mac’s menu bar to add the apps that you frequently use and reorder every app, so it’s convenient for you. With this customization, your menu bar provides quick access to the tools that are most vital in your workflow.

What is the Menu Bar on a Mac?

The menu bar is the toolbar that appears on your Mac’s screen and contains all of your app’s menus, as well as status menus such as Wi-Fi and battery. As you use a Mac, more menus are put on the menu bar because they become necessary to do tasks, and most people customize their Menus accordingly.

3 Settings to Customize on Your Mac’s Menu Bar

Here are a bunch of ways you can edit your Mac’s menu bar.

Automatically Minimize the Menu Bar

You don’t have to use the menu bar all the time, so it is a good idea to set it to disappear when you’re not using it. You can also make the toolbar reappear if you move the mouse cursor over that location.

customize menu bar mac

To automatically hide the menu bar on newer versions of macOS, search “System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Automatically hide and show the menu bar”.

menu bar mac customize

Activate the automatic one-click hiding from the bar menu by selecting this option in the settings.

Organize the Menu Bar’s Icons

One way to fix your menu bar so that it is more in order, and to decide which apps will go where, is through the use of a shortcut key. MacOS always has a way to help you get things just how you want them.

The key is to hold down the “Command” key and then click on the app icon. While holding down the button, you can move the function icon in the bar menu in any order and to any position. Take advantage of this.

You won’t be able to click on Control Centre shortcut or the date and time in the menu bar.

You can also add new shortcuts in a few clicks. This is one of the most important functions in the menu bar on the Mac.

mac customize menu bar

To add new features to the menu, open System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar.

Then select the desired function in the left menu and activate the “Display in Menu Bar” function.

Done! Manage the icons in a couple of clicks in this control menu.

Bring Back the Opaque Background

The menu bar comes with a translucent design that complementary to your desktop wallpaper on macOS Big Sur. The menu bar can be reverted to the original design if desired.

macos customize menu bar

You can adjust transparency by going to System Preferences > Accessibility and turning on Reduce Transparency. But you should know that this will affect all of your Mac’s interface, not just for your menu bar.


You have many ways to customize menu bar on Mac to personalize your gadget. Use the suggested customization options to change the icons and data displayed on the top menu on your macOS device. All the changes described are supported in current versions of macOS, including Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, and others.

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